Forget Everything You Know About Cutting Watermelons

Watermelon is my absolute favorite food in the world. It’s not uncommon for me to sit down with half of a watermelon and just scoop it out with a spoon. I can easily polish off an entire watermelon in a day by myself. Watermelons are always a part of our weekly shopping list, and summer is my favorite time to buy them.

On the off chance I’m not scooping out watermelon meat from nature’s bowl, I’ll cut it up in cubes and put it in a big container for Caegan and I to eat out of throughout the week. Like many of you, I have tried so many different ways to cut up watermelons. I would  slice them, cut the rind off, then cube the meat. I sliced it in about every way you could imagine. Then I discovered a way that gives you perfect little cube and essentially wastes no part of the watermelon meat.

Start by slicing a watermelon in half and placing it meat side down on a cutting board. Take a large knife and slice a chunk of the rind away, as shown below.


Continue to slice the rind off of the meat, leaving a small portion of rind at the top. Use the base of the knife to guide the depth of your cut. If you happen to cut off too much meat, just cut the meat away from the rind and cut into cubes.


Once the sides are cut off, slice the top rind off.

naked watermelon

Now to cube. This part can be tricky, so take it slowly until you get the hang of it. The longer the knife the better for this step. Start by slicing parallel lines about 1-1 1/2 inches apart in one direction. Do not slice all the way down to the cutting board. Leave about half an inch at the bottom uncut.


Turn the cutting board and slice parallel lines again, about 1-1 1/2 inches apart, perpendicular to the first set of parallel lines. Again, do not slice all the way down to the cutting board. Leave about half an inch at the bottom uncut.


Now for the really tricky part. There are two ways you can do this.

  1. The easiest way is to start slicing the watermelon horizontally, creating cubes. Once you get down to that half inch that you left uncut, you’ll have to slice the cubes since this part of the watermelon isn’t cut.
  2. If you want really precise cubes, grip the bottom of the the watermelon with both hands and gently turn the sliced watermelon on it’s side. Make several downward cuts starting at what was the top of the watermelon, about 1-1 1/2 inches apart. The cubes should fall away as you cut each layer. If part of the watermelon falls away when you turn it on it’s side, not to worry. Keep cutting the parts that stay together and then cut the parts that fell off later. You’ll have to cube that last 1/2 inch that was left uncut.


This way of cutting watermelon is so much faster than any other way I’ve cut watermelon before, and it looks so much nicer. You can use these cubes to create my go-to summer drink, shown here. Happy slicing! watermelon

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